Giving It Away to Get It & Keep It

My name is Harry T. and I’ve been in the fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous for a while now. I have been given so much from this simple program that I can’t begin to count the ways. What it has done is recreate my life. How do you repay something like that? I don’t think we can, but I can be grateful, which, as you know, means action. Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery DEPENDS on C.A. unity.

What that says to me is that my very existence depends on the unity of Cocaine Anonymous. What I can bring to the table instead of what I can get was a concept I learned in the rooms of C.A. Through service work and self-sacrifice my recovery has risen to a new level. I am so grateful that I didn’t settle for less.

Today I realize that I can’t attend every meeting or event; that I can’t volunteer for every service position. But I have no excuse for never supporting everything. I do have a duty and responsibility; when an addict reaches out, the hand of C.A. will be there.

– Harry T.